Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQs

Why not just use a normal frying pan to make crepes?

My CrepePro is turning black did I do something wrong?

Does the CrepePro need to be seasoned?

Are the spatula and batter spreader included?

Does the CrepePro work on all stove tops?

Is the handle safe to touch while in the use?

Can I put my CrepePro in the oven?

How can I clean my CrepePro?

My pan is sticky. What can I do?

What can I do if my CrepePro gets rusty?

I got my CrepePro and there are scratches on it!

I don't make crepes that often- how can the CrepePro help me?

Order FAQs

What are normal shipping time frames?

Do you offer refunds if I want to return my CrepePro?

Do you ship outside of the US?

Is CrepePro available locally in retail stores?

Does the CrepePro have a warranty?