How to Clean the CrepePro

Cleaning the CrepePro

Cleaning the CrepePro

This is the third article of our three part series breaking down everything you need to know about the CrepePro. If haven't read the first two articles about spinning crepes and seasoning the pan then check those out now.

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Now that you have just finished making the most spectacular crepes of your life and have blown away your family with your crepe mastery, it is time to clean the pan.

CrepePro Maintenance

The CrepePro as a carbon steel pan, does come with some unique characteristics when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. 

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Carbon steel pans, including the CrepePro, are not pans that you can just throw in the dishwasher and call it good.

Not only can the weight of the pan potentially damage your dishwasher but the dishwasher could also ruin the seasoned or nonstick surface as well as cause the pan to rust.

While that may sound like a downside, you will find that cleaning the CrepePro isn't as difficult as you might think.

In addition to that, the benefit of having a safe but effective, chemical free, nonstick surface far outweighs the couple of extra maintenance steps!

Not to mention that with a little care, this pan will last several lifetimes!

How to Clean the CrepePro

Cleaning the CrepePro is done through nearly the same method as you would use when cleaning a cast iron pan or other carbon steel pan.

Rinse with water but avoid using soap to maintain the seasoning, use a brush or sponge remove any leftover debris, dry thoroughly, and finish by applying a coat of cooking oil over the pan. 

Since you will most likely not be using the CrepePro to cook too many greasy, sticky, or creamy foods, for the most part, cleaning the pan can just be wiping it down with a dry paper towel or rag.

As mentioned before, you should generally find that this pan is very easy to clean and maintain.

There are of course different circumstances when your CrepePro will require a heavier wash than just a simple wiping can provide. In these cases following the steps below:

1. Rinse the pan with water, avoiding soap when possible in order to maintain the seasoned, nonstick surface.

2. Take a brush or sponge and remove any leftover debris.

3. Dry thoroughly and completely.

4. Apply a light coat of oil over the pan using a paper towel.

There may be some specific circumstances that require additional instruction. We will talk about that here.

Sticky Residue

If you find that there is a sticky residue on the pan, this is generally caused by using too much oil when cooking or food being burnt onto the pan.

If after washing the pan following the steps above you can still feel the stickiness, follow these steps.

1. Rinse warm water over the pan

2. While the water is running, take steel wool, crumpled aluminum foil, or a strong plastic/rubber scraper and begin to scrape off this residue.

Avoid using the provided spatula or similar type of object to do this as this can scratch the pan.

3. Continue scraping until all stickiness has been removed, dry thoroughly and apply the light coat of oil.


If your pan has been left wet for an extended period of time, like cast iron or other carbon steel pans, the CrepePro is susceptible to rusting.

If this happens to you, don't panic but follow these steps!

1. Rinse off the pan and try cleaning with a brush or sponge to remove some of the rust.

2. For the remaining rust apply white vinegar to the affected locations and scrub with steel wool or crumpled aluminum foil to remove.

3. Afterwards, rinse and remove all oil and rust residue, dry completely, and apply a light coat of oil to the pan.

Please note that while this is effective, you will likely still see some marks of the rust. These marks can be nearly impossible to remove entirely however with continued use, the pan will darken and make these spots fairly unnoticeable.

The sticky residue and the rust on the CrepePro are both quite rare occurrences and with proper maintenance should never be an issue for you but we wanted to provide this information for you here to be aware of.

Storing the CrepePro 

After your pan has been cleaned you are now able to store it.


Storing the CrepePro

It fits effortlessly in your cookie sheet cupboard or in many other drawers.

Many times we will just leave our CrepePro on the stove to be ready for whatever we have planned for it next!

 CrepePro Low Profile

Additional Info

Please be cautious! The CrepePro is made of carbon steel and will get very hot while in use.

This does include the handle!

For best practice, direct the handle away from your body when cooking with the pan and transport using an oven mitt or towel to protect your hands.

If you do happen to burn your hand or another part of your body remember to immediately place the injured body part under cool running water.

Handling the CrepePro


Thanks so much for purchasing your CrepePro! We know it will be an amazing addition to your kitchen as well as to those kitchens of your children and grandchildren as you follow these recommended maintenance steps!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to leave us a review please contact us by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner or going to our contact page!

Thanks again and until next time, don't forget to make every more than just a meal!