How to Clean the CrepePro

Cleaning the CrepePro

Cleaning the CrepePro

This is the third article of our three part series breaking down everything you need to know about the CrepePro. If haven't read the first two articles about spinning crepes and seasoning the pan then check those out now.

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Now that you have just finished making the most spectacular crepes of your life and have blown away your family with your crepe mastery, it is time to clean the pan.


We do not recommend putting your CrepePro in the dishwasher as it has been seasoned and this can remove the effects of the seasoning. For the most part cleaning the pan can just be wiping it down with a dry paper towel or rag. You will find that this pan is very easy to clean and maintain.



If your pan is dirtier and takes more than just a simple wiping to clean, than it is appropriate to wash the pan. You may rinse the pan with water and scrub with soap until you feel that any remaining food particles or general stickiness has been removed.


In the event of a heavier washing and longer exposure to water, it may be necessary to apply a very light coat of oil to the pan as to maintain the seasoned and nonstick surface. Also note that the CrepePro is susceptible to rusting if left wet for an extended period of time so it is important to dry completely.


Another important tip. While the spatula is great for flipping crepes and a number of other things, it is not the best to use in an attempt to scrape off food stuck to the pan as it can scratch its surface. The pan will still function properly with scratches but to avoid this we recommend using a plastic spatula or crumbled ball of tin foil to remove substances stuck to the pan if water and scrubbing could not do the trick.


After your pan has been cleaned you are now able to store it. It fits effortlessly in your cookie sheet cupboard or in many other drawers. Many times we will just leave our CrepePro on the stove to be ready for whatever we have planned for it next!

Storing the CrepePro


Additional Info


You will find, especially if you use your CrepePro in the oven, that the surface will darken with use and exposure to heat. This is completely normal and in fact will improve the pan’s nonstick surface and crepe cooking ability.

Please be cautious! The CrepePro is completely made of metal and will get very hot while in use. This does include the handle! For best practice, direct the handle away from your body when cooking with the pan and transport using an oven mitt or towel to protect your hands. If you do happen to burn your hand or another part of your body remember to immediately place the injured body part under cool running water.


Handling the CrepePro


Thanks so much for purchasing your CrepePro! We know it will be an amazing addition to your kitchen! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to leave us a review please contact us by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner or going to our contact page! Thanks again and remember to make every more than just a meal!