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It's been far too long, she's been in power for just too long! Who? Your sister, that's who! She's been the family party queen for years. Everyone looks up to her. Maybe it's because her rice never burns to the bottom of the pot or maybe because her pies always have the perfect ratio of crust to filling. But that comes to an end now!


Once you show up to the next family party with your CrepePro in hand, your family will immediately know that the winds of change are passing through. With each crepe coming out more elegant and golden than the last, once and for all you will be the family hero. Not to mention what will happen when you use the pan as a pizza stone and serve a few handmade pizzas!


It's your turn to take your rightful place on the throne. Also, you're prettier than her. 


  • 14" Carbon Steel Crepe Pan
  • Ergonomic handle for transportation
  • Pan is sturdy and durable, weighing in at roughly 12 lbs.
  • Made of high-grade carbon steel for optimal heat conduction
  • Pan is 1/4" thick - perfect for easy storage
  • Ovensafe, doubles as a pizza stone or baking steel
  • Multifunctional as skillet or griddle
  • Virtually indestructible - last for generations
  • Works on all stove tops - electric, gas, and induction
  • Hand wash and hand dry only
  • Made in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.


  • 14” Carbon Steel CrepePro Full Pan
  • 12" Stainless Steel Straight Spatula
  • 7.5" T Shaped Birchwood Batter Spreader
  • Our favorite crepe, pizza, and tortilla recipes
  • Complete set of instructions for the pan


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Orders are generally shipped the following day after the order has been placed. Estimated shipping time is 2-5 business days but can vary.


Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes and customs duties. Please check your country's import fees before checking out.


CrepePro Promise - If you don’t LOVE the CrepePro after 45 Days, return it and get 100% money back!




French Creperies Vs. CrepePro

Optimal Design

Why 14” Wide?


14” is the perfect “Goldilocks” crepe pan size


While just a hair smaller than the traditional 16” pans found in nearly all creperies around the world, the 14” is ideal for most burners at home but doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to the authentic crepe-making experience. 


The crepes you will make on this pan will be big, delicate, and golden!

Why Carbon Steel?


In order to truly provide the authentic French crepe-making experience, we had to use the original French crepe-making material. Carbon steel. 


It seemed obvious to us that if the original crepe-making way wasn’t broken, it wasn’t our job to “fix it”. And besides, the early 13th century French were on to something when they used carbon steel to make their first crepes.


Carbon steel is durable, has a natural nonstick surface when seasoned, and is an excellent heat conductor. Perfect for crepes!

Calculated Height

Why ¼” Thick?


Through careful testing, we have found that ¼” thick carbon steel produces the ideal cooking environment for crepes, tortillas, and even pizza! 


When the steel was too thin, it didn’t conduct heat well enough to thoroughly and evenly cook the crepes. When the steel was too thick, the pan cooked well but was just too heavy and bulky.


At ¼” thick we hit the sweet spot! The pan cooked as well as the thicker pans and at the same time was way more user friendly. The result? Crepes that made professional creperies jealous!

Why No Lip?


Having a lip on the pan can actually make cooking crepes more difficult, which is why you don’t find creperies using frying pans. As you have probably seen, crepes are harder to flip in frying pans and are much more likely to tear. 


The batter also tends to clump up at the pan’s edges causing uneven and doughy crepes. 


No lip on the pan means a larger cooking surface which results in bigger, fuller crepes! For crepes that melt-in-your-mouth, remove the lip!

See Why People Love the CrepePro

Love Your CrepePro or Get 100% Money Back


The LAST thing we want is for you to not be fully satisfied with your CrepePro and that’s why we offer the CrepePro Promise. If you don’t love your CrepePro within 45 days, return it and get your money back, no questions asked. We will even pay the return shipping.


We are so confident that you and your family will love this pan that if you don’t, we INSIST you get your money back! Just contact us at support@crepepro.com for your no-hassle return.


Allie and Nathan Hooper