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CrepePro Pan - crepe griddle
CrepePro Pan - crepe griddle CrepePro crepe pan on Stove Low Profile CrepePro crepe pan authentic French crepe pan - Crepepro beautiful french crepe - Crepepro Crepepro pizza stone Girls Making Crepes on Crepepro

It's been far too long, she's been in power for just too long! Who? Your sister, that's who! She's been the family party queen for years. Everyone looks up to her. Maybe it's because her rice never burns to the bottom of the pot or maybe because her pies always have the perfect ratio of crust to filling. But that comes to an end now!

Once you show up to the next family party with your CrepePro in hand, your family will immediately know that the winds of change are passing through. With each crepe coming out more elegant and golden than the last, once and for all you will be the family hero. Not to mention what will happen when you use the pan as a pizza stone and serve a few handmade pizzas! It's your turn to take your rightful place on the throne. Also, you're prettier than her. 


  •  Authentic, French inspired crepe pan and tools
  •  Includes
  • 14" carbon steel crepe griddle
  • 12" stainless steel Straight Icing Spatula
  •  7.5" T shaped birchwood Batter Spreader
  •  Set of our favorite recipes for crepes, tortillas, and pizza
  •  Instructions for the pan
  •  Full kits weighs 12 lbs and comes in a 16x16x2 box
  •  Pan is 1/4" thick, made of carbon steel, and is completely flat
  •  Extremely low profile
  •  CrepePro pan is oven safe and has many other uses besides crepes
  •  Safe on all stove tops but recommended for Gas or elevated stoves
  •  Caution: Pan and handle will be hot when in use
  •  Everything you need to become a Crepe Pro!


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We love our CrepePro! Since getting one, our 9 year old wakes up early every Saturday to make a batch. She does it all by herself! We’ve experimented with all sorts of toppings and stuffing. Delish!

Brynelle Thomas

Facebook Review

We have used our CrepePro for family events. It’s a lot of fun! Everyone wants to try it. The pan is very well made and easy to use.

Michelle Davis Fonda

Facebook Review

I’ve used my Crepe Pro a few times now and love it! It’s the perfect size for crepes and so many other things. It cooks them evenly and quickly, so much like the real thing! The Crepe Pro and it’s accessories are made of high quality products that will last a long time.

Brittany Walker Matson

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While both pans are great and serve similar functions, one pan may be better for you and your situation than the other.

CrepePro Full

The full sized CrepePro (14" Diameter) is completely level, including the handle. This is the same size you would find at creperies in France. We recommend this pan if you have an elevated gas stove, intend to use it more as a pizza stone, or are looking for a larger cooking surface.

CrepePro Mini

The CrepePro Mini (12" Diameter) is ideal for electric or flat stove tops. The angled handle combined with the smaller size provides an ease of mobility and more manageable pan. The "Mini" keeps all of the functionality of the larger version in a smaller package.